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Palestine/ Gaza

The Prophet, upon him be peace, said: “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)


Food Parcels

For £30.00, you can get a four-week
supply of food for 6 people.

Hot Meals

With a gift of as little as £4, you can help refugees to receive a fresh hot meal.

Water Tankers

With just £20, you can supply
2,000 litres of clean, pure water.
Sadaqah Jariyah

Plant an Olive Tree

When you give £5, you'll give an
olive tree to a needy family

Palestine Emergency Appeal

Global Helping Hands has direct contact with the most vulnerable people in Palestine, and we work closely with our local partners to deliver aid to them. In Palestine, 4.9 million people are estimated to live in these areas.

We are committed to long-term support for Palestinians. Our projects aim to help those in need and give hope to those who are struggling on a daily basis. Due to the blockade and several conflicts, 38 percent of the population lives in poverty, with a 46 percent unemployment rate. Furthermore, nearly 20% of the population lacks access to safe drinking water.

Saving Humanity in Palestine

Today, Palestine is one of the most densely populated places on the planet, and its water and sanitation systems are in bad shape. This could lead to health and environmental disaster. The area’s sewage system can’t handle the 2 million people who live there, so 90 million litres of untreated or partially treated raw sewage is sent into the Mediterranean Sea every day.

Our aim is to get important medical supplies to patients and staff with your support in Palestine. Alongside that, we provide food packs, hot meals and medical kits for as many people as possible. Help save the lives of thousands of people now by donating to Palestine.

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