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100% Donation Policy
Charity Registration Number: 1190360

100% Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Global Helping Hands is a registered charity in England and Wales, Charity Number: 1190360

100% Donation Policy

Our core objective is to facilitate donations from our donors directly to beneficiaries so that 100% of donations are used on our charitable projects or directly related costs (such as packaging of food items).

All administrative costs (such as bank transfer fees, legal costs, accounting costs, media and advertising) are covered by either our admin fund or gift aid.


We believe in complete transparency with our donors which is why we have published our yearly accounts on our website so that you can see directly how our donations are spent. Please see this below. If you have any queries on any expenditure please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

How it began

Assalamualaykum. Jazaka Allah Khair for visiting our website. We are a global charity set up originally by a group of brothers in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Our core aim is to seek the pleasure of Allah and hope Allah accepts our good deeds for a day when we will all be in need of them.

My personal journey in setting up Global Helping Hands started when I turned 40 years of age and wanted to do something not related to financial gain. I initially teamed up with another charity and started an orphanage project in Uganda. This grew my interest in supporting orphans and the vulnerable and opened my eyes first hand to the suffering of people around the world.

It was later in 2019, when my whole focus changed. I saw a distressing documentary about children as young as 6 years of age wanting to commit suicide due to the living conditions in Moria Camp, Greece. Within 5 days I was out in Moria Camp supporting the work of a medical charity in delivering primary healthcare to refugees. It was here I was exposed to the desperation of people and used my skills as a doctor.

Following this journey to Moria Camp, I decided to set up Global Helping Hands. We have 3 trustees (Dr Asif Ali, Dr Hamza Alam and Mr Shahid Munir) and a team of volunteers who are all passionate about charity work. Through our interactions with various charities, we became aware that a number of charities have significant non-charitable project costs– some as much as 30%. We wanted to set up a global charity with a completely different mindset. A charity with 100% donations delivered to its intended recipients. All trustees and volunteers for the charity to have one goal in mind – to seek the pleasure of Allah. Join us in our journey.

Dr Asif Ali

Chairman, Global Helping Hands


Relieve Poverty

The relief of poverty across the world by providing food and water to those in need.

Support & Assistance

The relief of poverty across the world by providing food and water to those in need.


Work with local organisations in areas of need to help the poor and needy with support.

Learning & Development

Support the education of those in poverty by providing them with the means to learn.


Through education, healthcare, water and food we support children, widows, orphans and global issues in order to make the world a better place.

100% of your sincere donations will be entrusted (Amanah) upon us to assist the needy, destitute, poor, orphans and widows so that you attain maximum reward from your donation.

Ghh Donaton Policy-01

At Global Helping Hands, we are committed to a 100% donation policy, which means that every single penny donated is used strictly for charitable projects, Admin and Fundraising costs are covered by our specific admin fund and gift aid. No Sadaqah or Zakat donated is used for this purpose.

We are saving and transforming the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people by working together.
We couldn’t do any of this without your help, so please continue to donate to Global Helping Hands and help save even more lives.

Global Helping Hands

The Future Works, 2 Brunel Way, Slough, SL1 1FQ

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