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100% Donation Policy

Zakat Calculator

Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year, Calculate and donate your Zakat.


Assets include cash, property, jewellery, and anything else of value. If a field is not applicable, leave it blank.
Zakat is paid on a year's worth of savings. This usually means entering the minimum balance in your account since you calculated your Zakat a year ago. Include all bank accounts, cryptocurrency, PayPal balances, and cash. Bank interest is haram and should not be included.
The majority of scholars believe that zakat should be paid on all gold and silver jewellery, whether worn or not.
For zakat purposes, any property other than your home must be included. Zakat is due on the current resale value of properties if you are in the business of buying and then selling them when their value increases. If you are in the business of renting out properties, however, zakat is only due on the savings made from the rental income.
If you don’t intend to sell the shares, then zakat is due on dividends you earn. However, if you are buying and selling shares, zakat is due on their current market value.
If you don't plan to sell your stock, zakat is due on any dividends you receive. When buying and selling shares, however, zakat is due on the current market value.


Liabilities are sums of money owed to others.
Any rent, house payments, utility bills, or money owed to you that is due or overdue should be entered here.
Any unpaid rent, property payments, invoices, staff salaries, or money you owe, for example, should be entered here.