100% Donation Policy
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100% Donation Policy


Winter Appeal

Donate to our winter appeal to ensure emergency winter relief reaches the most vulnerable. Families all over the world will be facing extreme cold weather.


Winter Response

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This winter millions of refugees, children and the elderly are depending on us to survive.


Winter Heater Pack

For just £30 you can provide heater
with 10L of oil for a family of 5 for a month. 

Winter Clothing

For just £20 you can provide winter clothing and warm the hearts of many this winter.

Winter Food Parcel

For just £30 you can provide one food pack to feed a widowed family of five for a month.

Winter Blanket

For just £18 you can provide a winter blanket 3kg to a family in need this winter.

Sisters’ Hygiene Pack

For just £18 you can provide our sisters in refugee camps much needed items this winter.

Winter Emergency Kit

For just £80, you can provide a heater Pack, food parcel and winter clothing.

100% Donations Policy

Donations can change and save lives. As a result, every donation goes towards charitable causes.

Expenditure Transparency

We track every donation to ensure that the correct Zakat and Sadaqah funds are spent appropriately.

Making a Difference

We delivered your donations to hundreds of thousands of people across the Ummah.

emergency Aid

The worst season for struggling families is now here. Winter's biting winds and rain has arrived, bringing with it even more poverty and hardship.

Your donations to our Winter Appeal will help us provide much needed aid in the following countries:

This winter millions of vulnerable women and children will be freezing and have very little means of survival. Help us save lives. Donate now.


Widow Homes

Give the gift of a new home to a widow
and her orphan children.
Global Helping Hands

Where Most Needed

Your donation will be used to provide much-needed support to those most in need.
Global Helping Hands


Zakat is 2.5% of your wealth in a year. Donate or calculate your Zakat now.

Sadaqah Jariyah

‘None of you truly believe, until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.’ [Bukhari]​

During the past year, we have been engaged in a number of countries and have sponsored a variety of humanitarian programmes, including food, water, medical, and orphan care initiatives.

i Over the last year we have been active across various countries and supported many humanitarian projects including food, water, medical and orphan care.
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