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100% Donation Policy

Dar Al Amal (Home of Hope) for Syrian Orphans

Unaccompanied Children at Risk - Respite And Learning Centre

In Arsal, Lebanon, a border town in the hills above the Bekaa Valley, there are some 60,000 Syrian refugees living in  scattered, mostly tented, accommodation amongst a Lebanese population of 35,000. A survey has shown that amongst them there are 230 children between the ages of 5 and 12 whose carers are relatives other than their parents, or unrelated. Many of these live in particularly difficult circumstances. Non-attendance at school, inadequate supervision, child labour are common: these, and others where more specific abuse is reported, are the group targeted by this project.

Project Goals

Assess the needs and developmental state of the children in the target group, in particular determine which children are most in need of rehabilitation.
Develop interpersonal relationship capacity through play, sport, encouragement of literacy, and the building of self-esteem and social living skills enabling them to live responsibly in the community.
Reduce social problems such as unsuitable employment, drug abuse, violence.
Spreading the experience (encouraging other associations and organizations to intervene to solve the problems faced by the community)

Unaccompanied children

Most commonly the circumstances were one or other of the following:
Both parents had died
The father had died and the mother married and left the children with their relatives.
The father is missing or imprisoned and the mother went back to Syria and left the children.

80% of the refugees are dispersed into overcrowded 146 randomly situated camps spread around the outskirts of the town, most of which suffer from very poor environmental and living conditions.

Families live in -like structures with a wooden framework covered with plastic sheets and a wall at most five cement blocks (one meter) high which is all that the Lebanese authorities will allow. The average area of a tent is 26 square meters including a kitchen area, and living and sleeping quarters.

20% of the refugees live in residential neighbourhoods in garages, houses under construction and small rooms inside residential floors often built specifically to be rented to refugees.

Respite Centre

The respite centre will offer safe and fully supervised :

Learning facilities
Psychological and medical checks/care
Social interaction, play and sport
Bathing/clothes washing facilities

Staffing will comprise 3 teachers and management, assisted by specialists as required. Staff will be from amongst the refugee community who have a range of skills and will offer employment back to the refugee community.

Premises: suitable premises have been identified and will be rented on a ongoing basis.

“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives
to the poor the orphan and the wayfarer”



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100% Donation Policy

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