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Feed The Fasting

Help the poor this Ramadan with a donation to help our brothers and sisters around the globe.

Support Ramadan Feeding Campaign

This Ramadan, transform lives through generosity. Join us in our mission to alleviate hunger among impoverished communities worldwide. With just £90, you have the power to sustain a fasting individual for the entire month—demonstrating your faith through meaningful action.

Our iftar distributions extend across critical regions, including Palestine, Syrian refugee camps, Rohingya refugees, Uganda, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and Lebanon. Embrace the spirit of Ramadan and contribute today to make a significant difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters facing hardship.

“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives
to the poor the orphan and the wayfarer” [Muslim]

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You can give zakat if you know exactly how much you need to donate. If not, use our Zakat calculator to work out how much to give

Calculate Your Zakat

Enter all assets that have been in your possession over a lunar year, Calculate and donate your zakat online with GHH