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Palestine Emergency Appeal

Your £50 Donation Can Make a Life-Saving Difference!

The situation in Palestine is critical, with the people desperately in need of essential supplies and support to survive. Your donation of £50 will be directed towards assembling and distributing Emergency Packs that include vital supplies like food packs, emergency kits, blankets, and medical aid.

Your contribution will help provide:

⚠ Food Packs: Nutritious and essential food supplies to sustain the affected families.
⚠ Emergency Kit:
Basic necessities crucial for survival during this crisis.
⚠ Blankets and Medical Aid:
Warmth and medical support to address immediate health needs.

The people of Palestine are enduring extreme hardships, and your support is pivotal in ensuring their immediate relief. The escalating situation calls for urgent action, and together, we can provide the assistance needed to alleviate their suffering and improve their circumstances.

Please donate £50 today to extend a helping hand to those struggling in Palestine. Your generosity will go a long way in bringing hope and essential aid to those who need it the most.


“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives
to the poor the orphan and the wayfarer”

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