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Aqiqah Program

The Aqiqh slaughtered on the occasion of the child's birth is referred to as aqiqah in Islamic terminology.

Aqiqah Program
Aqiqah Program

Aqiqah for Boy

It costs £130 to get 2 Aqiqahs for a boy
Aqiqah Program
Aqiqah Program

Aqiqah for Girl

It costs £65 to get 1 Aqiqah for a Girl

Give Aqiqa For Your Newborn Child

To offer an Aqiqah or sacrifice for a newborn child is the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). An Aqiqah entails the sacrifice of one goat for a girl and two goats for a boy, with the meat going to underprivileged communities.

It can be given at any time after a child’s birth, but it’s best if it’s done within the first week. The Global Helping Hands Aqiqah program allows you to celebrate the birth of your child while also helping those in need.

‘Truly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him’.

[The Noble Qur’an, 3:159]

What is Aqiqah?

As part of the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah, the Aqiqah is performed at the birth of a child (peace be upon him). It entails the slaughter of animals such as goats and sheep. It usually happens on the seventh day after a baby is born. However, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it later.

The sacrifice is then divided among the members of the family who are performing it. It is frequently distributed to the poor and needy.

Aisha (RA) narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said: “Slaughter two comparable sheep for a male newborn and one sheep for a female.” [Tirmidhi]

Why is Aqiqah important?

We have a responsibility at Global Helping Hands to be there for those who most need our help.

Millions of people struggle with poverty on a daily basis, with many going days or months without adequate food. Your gift could feed a family and provide them with the essential nutrients they require. They'd also be able to take part in the celebration of new life. This beloved Sunnah's reward benefits a large number of people.

Aqiqah FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that you can use to get more help from us.
How much does Aqiqah cost?
Aqiqah (Boy) - £130 An Aqiqah for a boy involves the sacrifice of two sheep/goats.

Aqiqah (Girl) - £65 An Aqiqah for a girl involves the sacrifice of one sheep/goat.

Which animals are sacrificed as part of the Aqiqah?
Animals such as goats and sheep are sacrificed in the Aqiqah.
What is the Meaning of Aqiqah?
We provide raw meat to our beneficiaries so that they can prepare it according to their own tastes and preferences.
Why can't donors choose the Aqiqah location?
As much as we hope to issue Aqiqahs in all of our field offices around the world in the future, having Aqiqahs performed in small numbers at each of these locations would consume a larger portion of the funds raised for this project at the moment. Our Malawi office has been trained to carry out the Aqiqah Project and fulfil the wishes of our donors. Insha'Allah, if the Aqiqah project grows in size, we hope to expand our reach even more.

When is the best time to give Aqiqah?

On the seventh day after a baby's birth, an Aqiqah is performed. However, there's nothing stopping you from doing it later.

The sacrifice is usually performed by an adult male in accordance with Sharia (halal) meat guidelines. The animal(s) must be in good health, meet the minimum age requirements for slaughter, and not be slaughtered in the presence of other animals.

Two animals are sacrificed for the sake of a baby boy. One animal is sacrificed for the sake of a baby girl.

The sacrifice is then divided among the members of the family who are performing it. It is then distributed to the poor and in need. A party is frequently thrown for family and friends to celebrate and share the meat.

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